~ New Member Artists ~

                 Four new artists have joined the Guild during the last six months.

                           A reception was held at Valley River Arts at the gallery in downtown

                           Murphy, NC the first week of April.  We thank all our visitors and artists! 



Francoise Lynch, a painter using oils with bold and bright colors.  Though she holds a degree in fine arts from Michigan State, she began painting in high school where she fell in love with impressionism.  "I love the impressionists because they would use pure color, versus the old masters that layered their colors and did glazing".  Inspiration from Monet and Gaughin flows through her thick, textured brush strokes and bright hues that are apparent in her pieces.


Lisa Visel, a jeweler specializing in brass cuffs.  She adorns them with antique gems and stones. Self taught for the most part, but since moving to North Carolina, have taken classes locally and has recently been teaching local classes.   Happily enjoying her mountain studio; where she has learned to "let go" with no expections and take her creative journey to new heights.


Matt Kruse, wood crafter wondered, "Who would have thought that decomposing vegetation was holding such a secret? The more he uncovered, the more he fell in love with the elegance of a good tree stump's hidden treasures.  Art work includes: dining tables, coffee tables, beverage tables, sofa tables, breakfast nooks, pedestal sinks, floor lamps, table lamps, wall decor & other items are all made from the stump or root ball of trees.


Joseph Alesnik, photographer, captures the majestic beauty of the Bahamian sailing sloops in the many regattas throughout the Islands.  Splitting his time between the Bahamas and Murphy, North Carolina, he's discovered the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which he's capturing through his photography.  His photographs have appeared in a variety of newspapers in the Bahamas. Hotels, gift shops and restaurants have also displayed his regatta sailing sloop photographs.


Valley River Arts Guild Gallery

located at 33 Valley River Avenue in downtown Murphy, NC

~Featuring Area Artists' Fine Arts & Crafts~

Gallery / Store Hours: 10am to 5pm  Mon. - Sat. / Closed Sundays

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